Custom polo shirts for any occasion

From the streets to the court


The Anatomy of Custom Polo Shirts

The custom polo stands alone amongst all other shirts. It’s a timeless classic that has kept pace with current fashion trends. Whether you’re a collar popper or you keep your collar flat, the polo is dressy enough for the golf course or tennis court, yet casual enough for a night on the town with friends. Buttoned to the top or left completely open, custom polo shirts are the perfect complement to any outfit. Wear it under a customized hoodie, over a customized long sleeve, or just by itself!

History of the Polo Shirt

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, tennis player used to wear long, bulky outfits during their matches known as “tennis whites”. Long sleeve shirts, long pants, ties—a far cry from what the players wear in today’s modern game. It wasn’t until the mid-1920s that now-well known designer/tennis player Rene Lacoste (think alligator logo on the front of your polo shirt) came up with the ground-breaking alternative seen in today’s fashion. Not only did his breakthrough design pave the way for a revolution in the game of tennis, it quickly found its way to the golf and polo greens as well. Lacoste’s design is now a part of mainstream culture and can be seen not only in sports, but in common, mainstream fashion.