Create Personalised Pillow Cases with Spreadshirt

Like a dream - Custom pillow cases to give your bedroom or sofa with a personal touch

Personalised Pillow Cases: Rest Easy with Custom Designs

Spreadshirt’s T-Shirt Designer allows you the freedom and creative space to design one-of-a-kind pillow cases for any bed. Add text in over 60 fantastic fonts, upload designs or photos. You can choose from Spreadshirt’s ever-growing Marketplace of user-submitted designs to create a custom pillow case that will complement the décor and styling of any room. Go a step further and design yourself a personalised blanket, teddy bear or even a cuddly bunny. Dream Land here I come!

Custom Pillow Cases Stand out and Fit In

Side sleepers, stomach snoozers, and lay-on-your-back snorers may require different pillows to suit their sleeping needs. A side sleeper may require a softer pillow, where a stomach sleeper may need the support of something more firm. The best part about Spreadshirt’s personalised pillow cases is that their 32” long x 20” wide construction suits most standard bed pillows. Whichever type of pillow your head requires for maximum comfort, there’s a good chance it will fit a Spreadshirt custom pillow case.